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Building the trail running ecosystem in Asia

Founded by Ray Lee, a passionate trail coach based in Malaysia, Ecosys has grown to become the go-to coaching platform for trail running. Ray started with humble beginnings, by bringing his friends into the woods and sharing with them the knowledge he has gained over the years. His friends applied his knowledge and started improving their running technique. That’s when he knew he was on to something.
With a desire to build a trail running ecosystem within Malaysia, Ecosys was born. The company has since expanded to provide a range services to help everyday trail runners achieve elite performance. Their range of services include group training, personal coaching, race preparation workshops and sports product launches. 

Many race organisers have also worked closely with Ecosys to equip their participants with the right knowledge to prepare for challenging trail races. Notable ones include The North Face 100 Malaysia (formerly known as Malaysia Trail Running Malaysia), Ultimate Trails of Penang, Bukit Besi Trail and so much more. 

Ecosys has also taken the forefront of digital fitness in Malaysia by offering virtual coaching sessions, enabling busy students to learn from home. With trail running gaining popularity across Asia, Ray is committed to equip trail runners with the right skills to enjoy this unique sport for many years to come. Ecosys now sets its sights on expanding its unique training approach and sports education programme across other sporting activities, with the aim of promoting sustainable fitness in Malaysia.

Don’t run with your legs, run with your heart.

-Dean Karnazes


Build a trail running ecosystem and culture within Asia, starting with Malaysia. We do so by promoting sustainable trail running skills via sports education.


Ecosys provides a range of training classes according to your needs, from individuals to large groups. Our flexible yet focused training style will help you achieve your training objectives. 


Sports education is our middle name. We’ve tirelessly conducted numerous workshops with the aim of educating runners of all levels with the right knowledge to complete their running conquests injury-free.

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Join the hundreds of runners who have chosen us as their preferred running coach provider. We strive to make coaching services accessible to runners of all levels.

How we aim to do so is by providing personalised training programmes enabled by technology and affordable prices.

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Give us a try. We’re a team of adaptable coaches, able to pick up from any point of your training journey, ensuring a smooth transition with accelerated progress.

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