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Fail to plan, you plan to fail. A motto that we at Team Ecosys strongly believe in. We’ve got a year-long schedule to help you plan your trail workouts with us.

Life is busy but time is what we make of it. So make time to take your trail running skills to the next level. See you at class!


Brand New EDITION Trail Running Class

For those seeking TRAIL RUNNING training program, this is your the right class for you to join and also best choice to learn and gain trail running skills.
Welcome anyone and any level of runners to join.
Schedule & Venue:
  • 6 DAYS session program
  • Once session per week 
  • Every Wednesday or Saturday
  • 7am to 9am
Kiara Hill, Guarhouse
Training Topic Session:
  • Pose Method – Proper Running Pose
  • Dynamic & Stability Movement Technique
  • Hills Accent & Deccent Technique
  • Running on Mixed Terrain Technique
  • Know your Training Zone & Training Load
  • Recovery Technique & Basic Nutrition Plan
  • and Many More………….
For booking and inquiry please contact:

Run Training Class with VO2max

Run Training Class with VO2max

How Important is VO2 Max? What Does Yours Acually Mean?

It’s hard to get too far into reading about training without encountering the phrase “vo2 max” or hearing about “VO2 max testing.” But what is VO2 max and how does it relate to runners?

Many GPS tracking devices now provide a VO2max number.
But, how do we define VO2 max? Should you pay for a lab test to find out what your VO2 max is? Is the reading from a GPS device even accurately able to measure our aerobic capacity?

Join our class now to get the benefits as below:
  • Improvement Running Economy
  • Know your Heart Rate Zone
  • Know your Running Power
  • Improve Running Endurance
  • Understand Running Lactate Threshold
  • Understand High Intensity vs High-Volume Training Programs
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