COROS VERTIX – Desert Sol (Limited Edition)


Coros Vertix – Desert Sol

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    Đồng hồ COROS VERTIX GPS Adventure - Desert Sol (Limited)

    The Wonders of Nature

    Striking sandstone spires rising under the desert sunlight, manifest the beauty and resilience of nature. A GPS watch inspired by the stunning desert towers in Southern Utah, we present COROS VERTIX Desert Sol. The titanium bezel with yellow engravings, and lava rock brown band evoke the energy of both the earth and the sun to power you through your next adventure.


    Exclusive Emblem

    A mark of rebirth, courage, and everlasting strength, the rising Phoenix flying over the sun illustrated by the COROS logo, empowers you to set yourself free of limitations in the new year.


    Improved Comfort

    The breathable, lightweight and quick-dry nylon band embedded with silver ion anti-bacterial technology provides lasting comfort and improved HR readings for your daily workouts and longer expeditions.


    Go Where Few Have Gone Before

    This seasonal color of our award-winning adventure watch is being produced in a limited quantity and won’t be around for long. Catch the COROS VERTIX Desert Sol while it lasts to kick start a fresh new year of running, hiking, climbing, and more.

    Découvrez la montre connectée Coros Sol Desert Vertix

    Free Training Book with Purchase

    Time for a training refresh in this new year. Buy the COROS VERTIX Desert Sol and receive a free copy of “Training for the Uphill Athlete” co-written by COROS Pro Athlete Steve House, one of the world’s best alpinists and now the co-founder of the world’s largest mountain sports coaching company. 2020 brought along several unexpected challenges; “Training for the Uphill Athlete” is the training guide you need to establish a renewed spirit in the new year.

    Đồng hồ COROS VERTIX GPS Adventure - Desert Sol (Limited)


    Desert Sol, Space Traveller, Dark Rock, Fire Dragon, Ice Breaker, Mountain Hunter

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